SIWULA launched in 2022 with the goal of creating unique wardrobe staples for creative, strong women; garments that are both beautiful and easy on the planet. Joining the call to slow down the breakneck speed of fashion and consumption, SIWULA creates small capsule collections in low units at the pace of human hands.  All the styles we make are hand-draped, patterned and prototyped  in our studio by us. We aim to work exclusively with locally sourced materials that are recycled or organic certified. How our garments will return to the earth is something that concerns us and 100% biodegradable products are what our hearts truly desire. We aren’t saying we’re perfect, but these are our guiding principles.



Justine Siwula has been quietly working towards launching SIWULA for what feels like a lifetime. Taking an indirect route to fashion design (music, dance, and visual art), Justine is a self-taught designer and maker. She honed her skills as a patternmaker and clothing producer while working at various contemporary and luxury brands in NYC and Los Angeles.  Justine’s approach to design and creation has roots in the improvisational music of her father - underground free jazz musician and artist Blaise Siwula. Her love of sewing and fashion comes from her mother, who taught her to sew and create garments from a young age. Raised in NYC, Justine now lives in Los Angeles where SIWULA is designed and produced. 

Woman in dress on chair